She may be the daughter of late senator John McCain, but Meghan McCain is impressive in her own right. Throughout her career as an author, columnist and TV star, the View host has made a ton of money, and according to Celebrity Net Worth, Meghan is worth about $4 Million.

The pregnant TV personality — who is expecting her first child with husband Ben Domenech — got her start in entertainment and politics at a young age. During her time studying art history at Columbia University in New York City, Meghan interned at Saturday Night Live and Newsweek.


Following her graduation from the ivy league college, Meghan gained a ton of attention when she launched her blog, McCain Blogette, in 2007. At the time, the former Fox News commentator shared glimpses inside her late father’s 2008 presidential campaign. While juggling her up and coming site, she also published her first book titled My Dad, John McCain in 2008.

Her success carried on as Meghan was hired as a contributing author for The Daily Beast in 2009. The following year, she detailed her life on the campaign trail with John, who died of glioblastoma in August 2018, in a 2010 book titled Dirty Sexy Politics, which later became a New York Times best-seller.

Around 2011, she picked up a new gig as a guest contributor for MSNBC. As she continued to pave a respected career in TV and politics, Meghan appeared on other shows including Pivot channel’s TakePart Live, Good Morning America, Outnumbered and much more.

Following her departure from Fox’s Outnumbered in 2017, the soon-to-be mama was named as a permanent cohost of The View. Meghan made her debut on the ABC daytime talk show in October 2017 and has been keeping viewers entertained with her witty remarks and conservative perspective ever since.

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If somebody told me the first night we met when we did nothing but laugh and drink whiskey neat until the sun came up that one day you would be taking care of me, keeping me calm, cooking my every craving, rubbing my back, making me turn off cable news when I start to cry because of the intense pain and suffering our country is in, play scrabble and Mario Kart with me anytime I want and doing anything and everything to make this upside down nightmare a comfortable haven while I was pregnant with your baby and quarantined during the apocalypse… I would have thought one of you were smoking something really powerful. Life keeps throwing us curveballs but we both knew the first night we met there was no one else for either of us in the world. It was like God finally formally introduced us but we had already known who we were waiting for. Our love has always been easy and wild. I love you and couldn’t have created you in my mind, Ben. There’s no one I would rather be in a foxhole with. But the universe sure does have a fucked up sense of humor…

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While Meghan becomes more and more accomplished in her career as the years go on, she’s just as successful in her personal life. With the due date of her first child’s birth approaching, Meghan couldn’t be more grateful to have husband Ben by her side.

“My husband has been the most incredible [man],” the talk show host once gushed to conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro. “I hope every woman has the kind of husband I have. I say that as someone who dated every a–hole in West Hollywood possible before I met my husband.”

With all this experience under her belt, there’s no doubt Meghan is going to be the best mom!