A few months after Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp broke up, the singer found love again with beauty expert Nurse Jamie Sherrill. Seeing him move on has made Meg, 58, feel like “she still hasn’t fully gotten over him,” a source told Closer Weekly. Meg “still feels hurt.”

The source added that the Sleepless in Seattle actress is a little “heartbroken” that she and John, 68, haven’t got back together. After they called off their engagement in October, John decided that it was best for him to find love again with someone else.

John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan

“They’ve been together for at least a month,” another insider told Closer about the new couple on Wednesday, April 1. “From what I know, it’s pretty serious.” So serious that Jamie has “already introduced him to her triplets” and she plans on being with him for the long haul. “They’ve all been staying at his place in Bloomington, Indiana, which is close to where her family lives,” the source noted.

Although Meg reportedly had “no regrets” after she ended her relationship with John, the actress feels like “she will always love” him no matter what, a third source told Closer. 

“She’s not laying any of the blame at his feet,” the insider said in October. “He has to be who he is, but very importantly, Meg has to main her own vision, her own identity and plot out her life the way she feels is best. And right now, she feels it is best they go their separate ways.”

It wasn’t an easy decision to make either. After they’ve been together for nearly a decade, Meg had to be certain that this was what she wanted to do. “Meg agonized over this, and shed more than a few tears over this decision,” the insider explained. “She loves John with all her heart — he’s a very intense man and she said she never felt the deep and profound love he offered her with any man in her life, even in her marriages.”

We hope things work out for the best!