Exes Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp Are Still One, Big Blended Family — Meet Their Combined 7 Kids

Aww! Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp may no longer be together, but fans have no doubt the on-again, off-again couple are going to make it work for their families. Although they never welcomed any children together, the rom-com legend and the “Jack and Diane” rocker have blended their broods over the last decade of their relationship.

As fans of the former pair know, Meg, 57, and Jack, 68 — who began dating in 2010 — called it quits after nearly a year of being engaged. A source close to the Working Girl star told Us Weekly that even though she and John were looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together, “She had enough and ended [their engagement].”

Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp

Even though the insider said Meg has “no regrets,” a separate source told Closer Weekly that the breakup certainly wasn’t easy. “Meg agonized over this, and shed more than a few tears over this decision,” the insider explained. “She loves John with all her heart — he’s a very intense man and she said she never felt the deep and profound love he offered her with any man in her life, even in her marriages.”

Despite any chatter, the source added that Meg isn’t pointing any fingers. “She will always love John, and really, she’s not laying any of the blame at his feet,” the insider shared also with Closer. “He has to be who he is, but very importantly, Meg has to main her own vision, her own identity and plot out her life the way she feels is best. And right now, she feels it is best they go their separate ways.”

This certainly isn’t the first time Meg and John have broken up. After a few years of dating, they initially called it quits in 2014 before getting back together later that year. In 2015, John and Meg went their separate ways for the second time. They ultimately decided to give it another shot in 2017 before announcing their engagement in November 2018.

Considering Meg and Ryan have a track record of getting back together, fans wouldn’t be surprised if they are back on in no time at all. If the longtime twosome is going their separate ways for good, however, we have no doubt their family will be amicable and continue to stay close.

Scroll through the below to meet Meg and John’s blended family of seven kids!

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