When it comes to her eight adorable grandkids, Hollywood icon Marie Osmond loves to “spoil them.” The Donny & Marie star tells Closer exclusively about spending time with her little ones and lending a hand when her daughters and daughter-in-law are “overwhelmed.” 

“Like, I went in and helped her out for a couple days and just gave them a break so they could go away and have their anniversary and just to go in and to be able to help them out periodically,” the CMA winner says about watching her grandkids. 

Marie Osmond ‘Spoils’ Grandkids: ‘I’m a Fun Grandma!’
Courtesy of Marie Osmond/Instagram

The Dancing with the Stars alum welcomed eight children throughout her career: Stephen, Rachael, Matthew, Jessica, Brandon, Brianna, Abigail and late son Michael. Being a mom is something Marie has taken pride in since welcoming her first child in 1983. 

She explains, “I went home the other day, just here in L.A., I went over to visit my daughter. She has two little girls. And the two of them sat on the couch. She and her husband were talking, and I was playing with the kids, and I overheard them go, ‘Wow, isn’t it nice grandma’s here?’ We have some time together. And I thought it’s so great. It’s really fun.”

Marie says she is a “fun grandma” around her grandkids: Stephen, Rocket Jade, Christian, Maxwell, Maude, Wolf, Mabel and Olive. In between her duties as a doting grandmother, the “Paper Roses” singer lost 50 pounds on Nutrisystem, which just launched a new premium program with restaurant favorites, new skillet options and a partner plan. Now, in incredible shape at 62, she’s focused on being the best grandmother possible for her growing family, which has been an eye-opening experience for her. 

“It’s like getting your kids back on steroids. You know you get to do all the loving and none of the discipline. It’s really fun,” she explains about being a grandma.

Still, even after years of being in the entertainment industry and raising a family of her own, she continues to learn new things about herself. 

“I was always the financial support of the family and with the last child leaving and everything …, every decade, you reevaluate yourself, especially as a woman,” she says. “What is it that I need to learn through this decade? What is it that, that I can become a better person or to grow? One of the things that I have said recently is I am not afraid to close the door. I think sometimes we are afraid to move from something that may be good in a job but not good for the environment and your physical happiness.”