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Marie Osmond Is Living Fancy! Tour the Singer’s Gorgeous Utah Home With Husband Steve Craig

With more than 20 albums under her belt, Marie Osmond has enough money to live life the way she wants to! The international superstar has owned many homes throughout her life, but her most spectacular house to date is the one she shares with her husband, Steve Craig, in Utah.

Marie has given fans many glimpses inside her humble abode, which features beautiful hardwood floors, an extravagant kitchen and an unbeatable view of the mountains. “Every house I’ve ever had has what I call, ‘My place, my space,'” she said while once showing off her craft room. “It’s where I craft. It’s where I paint. It’s where I read. This is where I [have] all the good memories.”

Sitting by the wall of Marie’s craft room was a beautiful white sofa she picked out with her late son, Michael Craig, who died by suicide in 2010. “This is Mike’s couch. This is the one thing I wanted. This is the last thing we bought together,” she said while tearing up. “I come in here and I like taking a nap on it. It’s comforting and I remember when we got it and how much he loved it. Those are the things that mean a lot to mothers.

In Marie’s Utah home, she has a rec room, home theater, sauna and an island in the middle of her outdoor pool. Judging by how luxurious her mansion is, it’s no wonder Marie traveled all the way from Los Angeles to Utah to socially distance there during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My husband and I came here to Utah, our home. It has been lovely to just have that time to connect,” the former Talk host gushed in March 2020 during an episode of the CBS series, which she left later that year in September. “We remarried, we were apart for like 25 years, so all of a sudden, we are alone — this is the first time we’ve been alone since I can remember.”

While in lockdown in Utah, the “Paper Roses” singer was keeping track of her children by using a “family group text.” Seeing the messages roll in made her so happy at the time. “I would just sit there and the texts [would be] so beautiful,” she said of what her children text her. “[It’s great] to see how they’re getting closer and closer.”

For a tour inside Marie’s enviable estate in Utah, scroll through the gallery below!