Some good things have come out of the coronavirus outbreak. Once Marie Osmond learned The Talk was shutting down production, she packed her bags and went to visit her kids in Arizona and Las Vegas with husband Steve Craig to make sure they were all right.

“I wanted to check on all my children. And so, I left and drove to Arizona to check on my daughter there, Jessica Blosil. From there I went to Las Vegas and made sure all the kids were safe, and then my two youngest. We are of that age — where we need to be careful now, my husband and myself. So we left our two younger children with my daughter there, Rachael Krueger. And we made sure that they were safe and everything was taken care of,” she said while video chatting with her cohosts on Monday, March 30.

After Marie, 60, was certain that her children were going to be OK, she headed to her second home in Utah with Steve, 69. “It has been so lovely to just have that time to connect,” she said about being there.

But what amazed the “Meet Me in Montana” singer the most about COVID-19 was how her family responded to it. “We have a family group text,” the musician explained. “I noticed that we’ve always been close, but my husband and I would just sit there and the texts [would be] so beautiful. [It’s great] to see how they’re getting closer and closer.”

She added, “It’s one of those things where I know there are difficult times, and there are a lot of people going through trials. But for me, as a mother, it has been such a joy to see. Because you wonder, when you leave this earth are your children going to stay close? Are they still going to still connect? And I know they will. It’s just been this wonderful peace that they really love each other and they’re looking out for each other. For me, that’s been such an incredible joy as a mom.”

Aww! Marie and her family are the best.

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