Time away. Marie Osmond revealed she visited her daughter Brianna Blosil in Los Angeles weeks after the 22-year-old welcomed baby No. 2 with husband David Schwep.

“Yesterday was the first day I had some downtime in quite a while,” Marie, 62, shared on Instagram on Sunday, August 23. “It was delightful! I ignored my ‘to do’ list and went to L.A. to see my daughter Brianna, my wonderful son-in-law David and my precious granddaughters Maude and her new sister baby Mabel. After they went home, I decided to watch the movie Seabiscuit.”

This is the first time the “Paper Roses” singer has seen her new granddaughter since she announced Mabel’s arrival on August 9. While taking to Instagram, Marie said the silver lining for her in quarantine has been the birth of Brianna’s child.

“Our daughter Brianna and son in law David Schwep’s wonderful news brought a sweet reminder that this life is about having JOY!” she gushed next to a black-and-white photo of baby Mabel. “I’m overjoyed for sure as I have pondered over our precious little addition to the family. I pray continually for my grandchildren (this next generation), that they will not be afraid of the world they’re growing up in.”

Although the Grammy nominee is quarantining away from Brianna and the rest of her family, she tends to stay in touch with them using a group text. Plus, her 31-year-old daughter, Rachael Kruger, and her daughter-in-law, Claire, have been organizing FaceTime calls to keep everyone together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“It was a great way for them to stay safe but isolate together. My grandkids don’t fully understand all that’s going on, but the faith and trust they have for their parents is precious,” the Talk cohost previously said on Instagram.

Since everything has been running so smoothly, Marie said her family has mastered the art of “quaranteaming,” which “cleverly describes the new reality of choosing who you’ll quarantine with so you won’t be alone anymore.”

“I love the idea of being a ‘team’ with those special people in our lives right now,” she gushed. Looks like everything is alright in the Osmond household.