Singer Marie Osmond doesn’t “worry” about her weight anymore. “I got my weight off,” she tells Closer exclusively. “It took me about four months to lose 50 pounds. That’s huge.”

The “Paper Roses” songstress teamed up with Nutrisystem to create Complete 55, a plan designed to help women ages 55 and up with weight loss during menopause. “They taught me how to eat,” Marie, 63, explains. “They got my metabolism working.” 

Marie Osmond ‘Got Weight Off’: Weight Loss Journey, Fitness

After collaborating with Nutrisystem for 16 years, Marie is elated that the latest plan helps support women’s metabolisms as they age. 

“I went to them, and I said, women, once they hit that 55 and the menopause thing and the weight gain and the hormones and everything else, it’s like, what is this body? I don’t know this body” she reveals. “This was really a collaboration with them to create something that works and it’s the bomb.”

The talk show host has always been very candid about her weight loss journey over the years, revealing that she was inspired to focus on her health after a conversation with her son.

​​”My son came to me — women in my family die early because of heart issues and weight — and he goes, ‘Mom, you’re all we have, you need to lose weight,’” Marie explains. “That was really hard for me to hear. So that was my trigger.” 

She encourages those who are looking to start weight loss journeys of their own to “find that trigger.” When it comes to her fitness regimen, Marie admits that she is “not a big exercise advocate.” Instead, the Dancing With the Stars alum found a routine that works for her. 

“I’m a big walker,” she reveals. “I love to put podcasts and books on tape and walk.” 

While her husband, Steve Craig, joins her for walks on occasion, it’s something the beauty enjoys doing on her own. “I love reading,” she shares about listening to audiobooks. “I’m kind of a gracious reader. I love to keep learning things. And so that’s kind of my time. I love walking. I love being outside and doing that.”

Through the “good, bad and very ugly” moments of her career that has spanned more than five decades, Marie’s passion to help others has always remained constant. 

“You just get to this place. It’s like, I deserve to be healthy. I deserve at this point to be able to go and do things with people I love and to do things that I feel help people I love serving,” she says. “And you can’t do that from a broken body. So, my thing right now is to help people, help women find their selves again and feel like this is their best years.”