Kelly Ripa is shaking off her haters. The Live With Kelly and Mark cohost passionately addressed Taylor Swift fans who had no idea who she was during a recent episode of the talk show in December 2023.

The segment kicked off with Kelly, 53, explaining the backstory behind a now-viral video featuring one of her old headshots.

“This person’s sister ordered some pajamas on Amazon, from the Taylor Swift Eras tour,” the All My Children alum told the audience. “She says, ‘My sister ordered some pajamas on Amazon and there’s this random lady on the Red era.’ That’s not any random lady — that is the random lady!”

Kelly held up photos of the pajamas toward the camera. Sure enough, her face was printed onto the fabric among several pictures of Taylor, 34.

“I know exactly what this is from,” the Emmy winner said of the headshot. “This is from a photo shoot I did when I was on a sitcom called Hope and Faith, from before you were born, kiddo! I was on the American Airlines’ in-flight magazine cover. That’s right — they used to have magazines on American Airlines back when you were just a twinkle in your Papi’s eye! I’m not just some random lady! I’m this random lady.”

Kelly Ripa wears black see-through gown
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Mark Consuelos sat beside his wife with a smile plastered on his face the whole time, getting a kick out of her heated monologue. “Did the comments know who she was?” Mark, 52, asked producer Michael Gelman, who replied, “A lot of people were speculating that it could be Kelly.”

“A lot of people are outraged at this random lady,” Kelly continued, referencing a slew of comments from those who were unfamiliar with her work.

In recent weeks, the popular TV host has taken part in a number of memorable and revealing Live segments, one of which required a producer to step in. “[I] love adult toys,” Kelly declared during an episode on December 26. Seconds later, she added, “You know what I mean!”

From behind the camera, a producer could be heard saying that Kelly’s comment would likely become “a headline,” before clarifying what she actually meant. Days later, her raunchy remarks continued while discussing Viagra with Mark on the show.

“Those erectile dysfunction medication commercials are so confounding because one is a man throwing a football through a tire and you’re like, ‘Ok, subtle,’ but then the other medication, and I don’t know which one it is, but it’s a man and a woman in separate bathtubs,” the talk show star told her husband about Viagra commercials during a December 28 episode of Live. “What does that mean? Does that mean it doesn’t work?”