Kelly Ripa is a pro on Live With Kelly and Mark, but even she can slip up from time to time! While discussing the hit Barbie movie with her husband, cohost Mark Consuelos, during the Tuesday, December 26 episode, a producer had to step in and help after an admission got a bit out of hand. 

“[I] love adult toys,” Kelly, 53, said before clarifying to a chuckling audience that she was not referencing anything NSFW, but rather collectible Barbie trinkets. “You know what I mean!” she said, before the producer jumped in and announced to the crowd loudly, “Kelly loves toys!”  

The host continued of the collector’s items, “I appreciate them so much more when they are given to me as an adult.” 

“Before, if someone gave me a Diane von Furstenburg Barbie as a child I would have cut off her hair, I would have taken off the wrap dress, I would have wrapped her in toilet tissue, given her weird makeup,” Kelly carried on, before Mark, 52, chimed in and said, “And set her on fire.” While Kate McKinnon may have approved of Kelly’s take on Weird Barbie, the daytime icon’s choice of words left little to the imagination. 

If Kelly had decided to discuss adult toys in the assumed context audience members picked up on, it wouldn’t have been too shocking. She and Mark have shared countless admissions about their love life together, their odd showering habits, what they do to avoid sharing intimate time with one another and more. 

During the October 20 episode of Live, Kelly even shared with the audience that she sometimes fakes her own death in order to avoid having sex with Mark. Using female frogs as an example, as they “fake their own deaths to avoid unwanted attention” from male frogs, she said, “Let me just say they learned that from us.” 

Mark, meanwhile, chimed in and told the audience that he has a handheld mirror on his side of the bed that he holds up to Kelly’s face “to see if she’s breathing” when she’s “faking her own death.” “If it fogs up, it’s going to be a nice Friday night,” he said, to an understandably surprised audience. 

“That’s why I’ve learned to hold my breath for seven to 18 minutes!” Kelly carried on, not giving her husband a reprieve from the conversation. “He thinks I’m dead constantly!”

Mark retorted with a study about how “amphibians are taking ghosting to the next level in their world by playing dead to avoid unwanted male interaction.” Kelly then said that a female frog will “stretch out her arms and legs and act as if she were dead.” “I got to try that one,” she said, before adding that the entire segment was “so gross.”