Kelly Ripa assured the Live With Kelly and Mark audience that she is “not a sociopath” while discussing her interesting shower habits with husband Mark Consuelos.

“Do you shower the normal way? Or the other way?” Mark, 52, asked Kelly, 53, during an episode of the morning talk show on December 13. Kelly was clearly confused by the question, with Mark clarifying, “Primarily facing the water, or back to the water?”

The All My Children alums subsequently launched into a debate about their shower head that hangs from above the tub. Because of the intense pressure of the water, Kelly “slithers” into the shower from the side so that she doesn’t get drenched.

“If you’re a woman, and I’m going to speak to the ladies here, and you don’t want to get your hair wet because you’re trying to extend your blowout and your hair salon appointment, that thing is the devil,” Kelly admitted. “I haven’t showered a normal way in 15 years.”

The couple, who live in a stunning New York City penthouse, got married in 1996. Kelly’s confession left Mark curious about her showering habits before they met.

“So, I come in, I face it, I turn around, do my work, [and] turn around,” the Emmy winner explained, with Mark revealing that he actually does the same thing.

After high-fiving each other at the news desk, the Riverdale actor said, “That means we’re not sociopaths. I think that’s what this thing says.”

Mark Consuelos wears black suit and wife Kelly Ripa wears black dress
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Radio Hall of Fame

This wasn’t the first time Kelly and Mark discussed their morning routine and showering habits.

“He takes cold showers,” the Generation Gap host, who shares kids Michael, Lola and Joaquin with Mark, told People in April, adding, “Freezing, freezing cold showers.”

At the time of the interview, Mark had just officially taken his place at the news desk as a cohost on Live following the departure of Ryan Seacrest. The Alpha House alum admitted that it took some getting used to when it came to changing up his morning routine to prepare for Live.

“I’ve never really had to be ready for something where she was getting ready at the same time,” Mark shared. “Every now and then, before I joined Live, I’d be like, ‘I got to get ready for something before your 9 a.m. show,’ and I’d get in and out quickly. So now that we both have to be ready, I’ve decided I’m going to jump in the shower quick and then get out of her way.”