Season 27 of The View is on the horizon! Cohosts Ana Navarro and Joy Behar teased the upcoming installment of the talk show while vacationing together in the Hamptons. 

“It’s only been two days since @theviewabc season 26 ended, and we missed [Joy] already,” Ana wrote on Instagram on August 6. 

Ana, 51, brought her dog, ChaCha, along to spend some time with Joy’s dog, Bernie, whom she shares with her husband, Steve Janowitz. In a series of photos shared on Ana’s Instagram account, the colleagues enjoyed cocktails by the pool as they watched their pups play together. 

“Joy & I will see you all when season 27 begins,” Ana wrote about the upcoming season of The View. “Until then, ‘take a little time to enjoy the view.’” 

In one snap, Ana kissed Joy, 80, on the cheek. They embraced in another photo, proving that their disagreements on screen have not affected their relationship outside of the show. Amid their summer break from the series, Ana has also been brushing up on her pickleball skills on the court with pal Lee Brian Schrager.

The ABC program is slated to return from its summer hiatus in its usual fall timeslot on September 5. In addition to Joy and Ana, Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sunny Hostin are all expected to return to the news desk for season 27. 

Ana Navarro wears yellow top while posing with Joy Behar
Courtesy of Ana Navarro/Instagram

Season 26 ended on August 4 with a pre-taped episode. Whoopi, 67, did not appear during the finale broadcast but it’s not uncommon for her to have Fridays off. Just like all of the seasons before, Whoopi, the show’s moderator, did not hold back from releasing her inner thoughts about all of the hot topics discussed in each episode this season. 

Last week, Whoopi candidly shared her regrets about getting married and divorced three times

“I was dancing and prancing, I was so glad to get out of there. Every time,” she said of her failed marriages during the episode on August 1. “Because I always knew, I always thought, ‘You didn’t want to do this from the giddyup, and you did it anyway, so shut up and move on.’” 

Whoopi, whose ex-husbands include Alvin Martin, David Claessen and Lyle Trachtenberg, also confessed that she does not envision herself walking down the aisle again in the future. 

“I was never meant to be married, and I know that, and I knew that then, and I kept trying to do what everybody said what I was supposed to,” the EGOT winner continued. “And then I said, ‘You know what? This is getting expensive and boring.’”