Jonathan Knight proved he could sing, dance and entertain the world as a member of New Kids on the Block, but now the pop superstar is showing off his talents as a home renovation guru on Farmhouse Fixer. It seems like there isn’t anything Jonathan can’t do, and his enviable net worth is an indication of his success. Keep scrolling to find out how much money he makes. 

What Is Jonathan Knight’s Net Worth?

The “Please Don’t Go Girl” singer has a fortune valued at an estimated $14 million, Celebrity Net Worth reported. Jonathan earned the big bucks thanks to his iconic run in NKOTB, as well as the countless other projects and professional ventures he pursued throughout his career.

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Jonathan is still a member of the American boy band alongside his brother, Jordan Knight, and their fellow members, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood. The band was created in 1984, and two years later, they released their self-titled debut album with Columbia Records in April 1986. Their second record, Hangin’ Tough, was released in 1988, followed by their holiday-themed album Merry, Merry Christmas in 1989.

Though it was a rough start for the boys, considering their albums didn’t draw as much success as they hoped, they became one of the most popular acts in the U.S. by the 1990s. After releasing their first hit record Step by Step, their music was topping Billboard charts and selling out on shelves.

The group’s success as musicians only skyrocketed as they traveled the country on sold-out tours, took part in pay-per-view specials, created a wildly popular official fan club and they even had a NKOTB Hotline, according to reports. In 1991, NKOTB topped Forbes‘ list of highest-paid entertainers, beating out legends like Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna.

NKOTB ultimately split after a years-long journey together in 1994. After going their separate ways, Jonathan stayed out of the spotlight for a few years. “I came home to my 20-acre farm and woke up a couple days later like, ‘What am I going to do with the rest of my life?'” he told People in February 2021. “I was 25, 26 years old and I felt like my career was over.”

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However, that all changed when a police officer who led security at his property asked for help with a renovation. Though Jonathan wasn’t interested at first, he agreed to work on the gig because of his newfound free time. “We started a company and flipped houses right up until I left for New Kids again in 2008,” he explained to the outlet.

Since then, Jonathan has renovated more than 200 homes across New England. That number has continued to rise, however, as the Hollywood hunk is the star of his HGTV show Farmhouse Fixer. The series, which premiered in March 2021, follows Jonathan along as he shares “his renovation know-how by meticulously restoring centuries-old New England farmhouses that deserve a second chance,” per HGTV.

“I love seeing an old farmhouse brought back to life,” he marveled to People, noting he has no intentions of abandoning his work in NKOTB. “I’m so lucky to have two [passions] … I don’t even call them jobs, because they’re dreams.”