John Travolta has experienced true love and loss in his life since rising to fame. The Grease actor’s dating history includes several of his former costars.

John Travolta Dated Diana Hyland

John began dating Diana Hyland after working together on the 1976 film The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. He was 23 at the time, and she was 41.

Diana was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1975 and underwent a double mastectomy. The cancer continued to spread, and she died in John’s arms on March 27, 1977.

“I have never been more in love with anyone in my life,” he told People in June 1977. “I thought I was in love before, but I wasn’t. From the moment I met her, I was attracted. We were like two maniacs talking all the time on the set of Bubble. After a month it became romantic.”

“I had more fun with Diana than I ever had in my life,” he added. “And the odd thing is just before we met I thought I would never have a successful relationship. She told me that she too had thought the same thing. Then, bam.”

He also revealed that they planned on moving in together after he finished working on Saturday Night Fever. “If she was alive, it is very possible I would have married her,” he confided.

John Travolta Diana Hyland relationship
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Marilu Henner Opened Up About Her Relationship With John Travolta

Marilu Henner previously reflected on her relationship with John, whom she dated while touring with a musical production of Grease. He went on to star in the 1978 film, and they continued to date on-and-off before things ended up fizzling out between them.

“He’s just a great guy. I adore him,” she told KTLA. “Our families were very similar, and we connected right away because we both have three sisters and two brothers. His mother taught drama, my mother taught dance. His father sold tires, my father sold cars. So, we had a lot of commonality.”

John Travolta Married Kelly Preston

John met Kelly Preston while doing a screen test for The Experts. At the time, she was married to her first husband, Kevin Gage. After her 1987 divorce, Kelly briefly dated George Clooney and was engaged to Charlie Sheen. But her connection with John was so strong they decided to give their romance a shot.

The Pulp Fiction actor and the Jerry Maguire actress got married in 1991. She was two months pregnant at the time of their nuptials. They welcomed their eldest child, Jett, in 1992. He died in 2009. They welcomed their daughter, Ella, in 2000. Their youngest child, Ben, was born in 2010.

John and Kelly celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary in 2019. The following year, the Welcome Back, Kotter alum announced on Instagram that Kelly died following a two-year battle with breast cancer in July 2020.

“I learned that mourning someone, living in grief, is very personal,” he said in April 2021 of managing his grief during an interview with Esquire Mexico. “Grief is personal and finding your own path is what could lead to healing. It’s different than someone else’s journey.”

Is John Travolta Dating Anyone Now?

John is not currently dating anyone, however, he did get “flirty” with Cash Out costar Kristin Davis.

“John’s been gushing to everyone that Kristin’s smart and beautiful,” an insider told Closer in April 2024. “Their friends think they’re perfect for each other and that if John doesn’t take a chance, he’ll miss out on a great opportunity.”

“People who’ve seen them together say it’s obvious he’s totally smitten,” a source added.