After four divorces and several long-term relationships, it would be hard to blame Jane Seymour for giving up on love — but she’s grateful she kept an open heart. “I’ve never been happier,” Jane, who turns 73 on February 15, gushed after going public with musician John Zambetti.

Jane believes this relationship is different because she hasn’t remade her life to suit his. “When I became determined to be intentionally single and just live. … I was the most whole I’d ever been,” says Jane, who confesses she’d previously put her partners’ needs before her own. “For the first time in my life, I wasn’t a man’s half.”

When Jane’s and John’s children introduced them, she was not looking for a relationship. Months earlier, she’d ended a nine-year romance with director David Green, 81, whose proposal she’d turned down. “I just said I would never put a number on his name,” she says.

A New Horizon

Jane felt an immediate connection with John, 73, but instead of dropping her life to be with him, she invited him into her world, where she’s a mom to five adult children and a grandma to three. “I was at my happiest, surrounded by friends and family,” says Jane, whose close circle also includes her sisters and their husbands. “I let [John] be part of the gang.”

Happily, John mixed perfectly into Jane’s life. “There was a real fit in terms of our families, our culture and the things we liked,” says the star, who adds that their genuine connection is joyful. “Sex right now is more wonderful and passionate than anything I ever remember because it is built on trust, love and experience,” she says, noting that intimacy is “better at my age than it ever was before.”