Jane Seymour Is All About Her Kids! Meet Her Grown Children

While she is best known for her performance in the film Live and Let Die and the TV show Dr Quinn, Medicine WomanJane Seymour should also be noticed for her incredible role as a mom to her kids.

The 69-year-old first become a mother in 1982, as she and her husband at the time David Flynn, welcomed daughter Katherine. That wasn’t it in the kids department, as three years later Jane would give birth to a son, Sean. The actress and David would part ways in 1992, but the star would find love again.

In 1993, Jane would tie the knot with fellow actor James Keach. They would go on to have two children — Kristopher and John — before officially divorcing in 2015. Jane still sees James’ two other kids, Jenni and Kalen, as her stepchildren. The Among Angels author has always been open about her family, and how she always puts them on top of her priority list.

Jane Seymour
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“The kids know I would choose family over any role and over anything in my life,” Jane once told The Guardian in an interview. “I don’t know if I’m a great mum. I’m the best mum I know how to be. I think it’s all about listening to your children, communicating, and caring enough to be involved in their life.”

“I was around for all of my kids,” she told the outlet. “When they were young, anywhere I filmed, I took them with me. When they were younger I had to make compromises, sometimes about not taking roles that may have taken me away from them too much. They know that I love what I do, and they also know we’re all about family, so they are all about family.”

Jane also loves spending time with her loved ones — she recently recalled her favorite Christmas memory with her kids. “We used to have a home in England that’s over 1,000 years old and just waking up in the morning and seeing the snow drifting outside and knowing that someone had been in that house for 1,000 years,” she exclusively shared with Closer Weekly. “It was just walking in the snow and just looking through those mullion windows and candlelight, family together. It’s kind of hard to do that in Los Angeles.”

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