One month after Helen Hunt got into a car crash, she is once again updating her fans about her health. She most recently recalled the terrifying moment her car flipped over in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“It was scary,” she told the outlet on Monday, November 18 of the accident — which took place October 16. “I’m grateful to be here with my friend.”

Helen’s Mad About You costar Paul Reiser added, “Me too!” The two starred on the sitcom from 1992 to 1999 and are returning for the revival, which premieres Wednesday, November 20, for Spectrum Originals.

Helen Hunt

“It was as if no time had passed,” Helen, 56, previously gushed to Closer Weekly about what it was like working with Paul, 63, again. “I think we are very committed to saying what we think and really listing to the other person [and] trying things out. You know, you’ve got to make a room that is safe enough for people to throw out good ideas and bad ideas. I hope we have done that.”

According to TVLine, the revival will “likely revolve around Paul and Jamie grappling with empty-nest syndrome in the wake of now-17-year-old daughter Mabel’s admission to college.” Although Paul was originally against the show being revived, he ended up being part of it because of the script.

“For years, I would’ve said, ‘Absolutely no. We never would do it,’ because I was very proud of how we ended it really well,” he said to People. “We even told the future a little bit, so our thinking at the time was, ‘Let’s make sure we never get tempted to come back. Let’s tell them what happens.’”

Mad About You

“Now, because everybody’s talking about it, I started to think, ‘Maybe if there’s a story we could come up with,’” he continued, noting that it’s a situation many parents with kids coming of age can relate to. “To me, it’s interesting when I see my kids are growing and leaving the house. It’s like, ‘Oh.’ It’s like that moment when you get married. It’s like we’re in a new world that we don’t know the rules of.”

We’re glad Helen is OK and is reuniting with Paul for more Mad About You!