Mad About You star Helen Hunt gave us the scare of a lifetime! She was briefly hospitalized along with a number of people after she was recently involved in a scary car accident on in the afternoon on Wednesday, October 16. Closer Weekly has reached out to Helen’s representative for comment.

The crash happened in the Mid-City neighborhood of L.A. on the corner of San Vicente Boulevard and Tremaine Avenue and, according to a spokesperson with the Los Angeles Police Department in a statement to People, there was no crime committed.

Helen Hunt

The crash, which was caught on video, was released by TMZ. In the clip, you can spot Helen’s black SUV attempting to drive through an intersection until a speeding white car hit her vehicle at the last moment and flipped her car over. After the accident occurred, you can see people rushing to the intersection to provide assistance and to find out what had just happened. The white car did not leave the scene of the accident.

According to TMZ, Helen was in the backseat of the car and her representative told the outlet that “she was shaken, but suffered no major injuries.” The A-lister was released from the hospital later that evening and Helen still has yet to comment on the whole ordeal.

Just in September, she was talking with Closer Weekly about reviving Mad About You with her costar Paul Reiser. 

helen hunt

“It was as if no time had passed,” Helen gushed about working with Paul. “I think we are very committed to saying what we think and really listing to the other person [and] trying things out. You know, you’ve got to make a room that is safe enough for people to throw out good ideas and bad ideas. I hope we have done that.”

Helen was also very excited about the new storylines that will be featured on the show. “We realized that their daughter would be leaving home right now in real time. We thought, That’s not a boring idea to look at what this couple would be like after investing 18 years in somebody who leaves,” she said. “That seemed interesting.”

Even though we’re elated about the Mad About You revival, we’re just happy Helen is going to be OK!