One proud papa! Gordon Ramsay might be known for his tough exterior and fiery wit, but it seems there is one thing that gets the celebrity chef all warm and fuzzy inside. While recently stopping by ITV’s Jonathan Ross Show, Gordon recalled his son’s birth in April and revealed that not only was he overwhelmed, he actually passed out.

The 52-year-old restaurateur told the show’s host that he “literally dropped to the floor and blacked out” for the first time ever as he and his wife, Tana Ramsay, welcomed their fifth child earlier this year. Gordon defended his unusual reaction to his son’s birth by explaining that it was the first time he was ever in the delivery room.

“Tana didn’t want to see me there for previous births. She said, ‘I don’t want you to see me in this state so get out,'” explained Gordon — who is also the dad of Megan, 21, 19-year-old twins Jack and Holly, and Matilda, 17. “This time around, I was there and I absolutely crapped my pants. I fainted.”

The celebrity chef even hilariously detailed the little bundle of joy’s arrival. “I was sat there and Oscar popped out through the sunroof and then they sort of throw you on him and he’s screaming and I fell back, the nurse grabbed me,” he continued.

Gordon then jokingly blamed British singer Ed Sheeran for being the reason he lost consciousness. The beloved TV personality dished that while he put on relaxing music to calm the hectic atmosphere, it ultimately backfired. “Ed Sheeran was playing, I put Ed on to calm everybody,” he said. “I put Ed on then I blacked out, I fainted like an idiot.” LOL!

Although the Hell’s Kitchen star admitted that experiencing his son’s birth was “scary,” he couldn’t help but gush over his adorable mini-me. “He is six months, it’s extraordinary, also for the rest of the kids it’s just a welcome bundle of joy,” he said to the outlet. “And boy, does that take you back!”

In a previous interview with the Daily Mail in May, Gordon opened up about expanding his adorable brood with his wife of over 23 years. “I’ve been giddy flying in a fighter jet at 1,000 mph. I’ve done some very dangerous things underwater,” the Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares star gushed. “But I’ve never, ever felt as vulnerable as I did when my son Oscar was born.”

Gordon is such a doting daddy!