HGTV has brought so many of its viewers and stars together over the years with its heartwarming programming, but there have certainly been some dramatic turns. Good BonesMina Starsiak Hawk admitted that her relationship with costar Cory Miller is essentially nonexistent.

Though their friendship has been rocky, Cory recently commented an emoji underneath one of Mina’s husband Steve Hawk’s Instagram posts. She addressed the comment during an episode of her “Mina AF” podcast on February 5.

“Cory commented like a flex [emoji] on it, which is just strange because Steve and I aren’t friends with Cory, we haven’t talked to him in it feels like close to a year,” Mina, 39, told her listeners before encouraging her audience not to read too much into the comment.

Just weeks before, the Two Chicks and a Hammer owner explained that she and Cory were “not on speaking terms.”

“I am positive that there are things he feels like I did to him, and I have known him since he was 11, and I’ve always had a soft spot for him,” she mentioned during a December 2023 podcast episode.

While Mina did not go into full detail regarding the root of her issues with Cory, she referenced “a couple things that happened toward the end” of their time working together on Good Bones. The duo also unfollowed each other on Instagram after she decided she doesn’t “want that energy” around her.

“I’ve got a lot of amazing people, and part of that means not hate-following or not anger-following like, ‘Let me see what this person is doing,’” Mina explained. “So many people on social media follow people just because they want to see them fail or fall down or look fat in a picture or whatever it is. I’m just not interested in that. I don’t want other people to do it to me.”

Mina Starsiak Hawk sits on couch in a T-shirt and jeans
Courtesy of MJ Coyle/Instagram

The rest of her most recent podcast episode discussed her new lake house, which will be featured in an HGTV spinoff series. The reveal of the new property was filmed recently, with the couple excited to spend time there with their two kids, Jack and Charlotte.

Mina is also expanding her retail horizons with her new Two Chicks District Co. store opening in Noblesville, Indiana, this year. She previously closed the company’s flagship store in Bates-Hendricks, Indiana, in late 2023.