Singer Enrique Iglesias made fans smile by sharing a rare video of himself dancing with his 2-month-old daughter, Mary, on Instagram on Sunday, April 5.

The video starts off with Enrique, 44, holding his baby on his lap. While he held Mary’s hands in the air, they both swayed back and forth to Fun’s song “We Are Young” featuring Janelle Monáe, which played in the background. Then, after they were done with that dance move, Enrique playfully made his daughter throw some punches in the air before he used her arms to jiggle her whole entire body.

In the caption, the “I Like It” singer shared a heart-eyed emoji. He and his partner, Anna Kournikova, welcomed baby Mary into their lives in January, and shortly after she was born, Enrique shared a photo of him holding his daughter. He captioned the Instagram post, “My Sunshine 01.30.2020.”

The proud parents also raise their 2-year-old twins, Lucy and Nicholas, together. During a March 2014 interview with Access Hollywood, the Grammy winner said he was going to live his life differently after starting a family.

“Hopefully the day I have kids I’ll just lay back a bit and not travel as much and be touring constantly. I don’t want to be on the road for six months, eight months, come back and not recognize my own child,” he said. “I already have a tough time with my dogs leaving my house and then coming back you know, a month later, and it’s always sad whenever I leave my house.”

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Please, no more kisses 🥺😢😭

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“Although, I have made a rule in the past few years that I try to be not out on the road more than 15 days in a row. That’s important to me,” Enrique continued. “I need that balance in my life.”

Enrique’s family means the most to him. In 2014 he released his last studio album titled Sex and Love. Since then, he has been focusing more on his kids and making sure they have a great upbringing!