As if their love story couldn’t get any sweeter, Dr. Phil McGraw and his wife, Robin McGraw, just celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary. The longtime couple rang in their marriage milestone aboard a yacht on the coast of Italy on Monday, August 14. 

“Love is in the air,” Robin, 69, captioned a tribute to Phil, 72, on Instagram. “I love you, Phillip, always and forever.” 

Phil also shared a post dedicated to his wife, revealing that they have been together since Robin was 19. Their youngest son, Jordan McGraw, and his wife, Morgan Stewart, tagged along for the trip. The talk show host and the businesswoman are also parents to their eldest son, Jay McGraw, who is married to Erica Dahm.

Both Phil and Robin posted a slew of photos from their vacation as well as some throwback pictures from the early days of their marriage. The boat ride along the Mediterranean seemed like the perfect getaway for the lovebirds, who currently reside in a stunning home in Beverly Hills

Their love story first began in the ‘70s when Phil’s younger sister brought Robin over to their house. 

“He comes into the room, and he goes, ‘Well, who are you?’ I thought, ‘Well, that’s kind of rude,’ and I said, ‘Well, who are you?’ And he goes, ‘Well, I’m Phil,’” Robin recalled. “So, I told him who I was, and we sat down, and we visited there in the family room for a couple of hours. He asked me out for the next night, and we’ve been together ever since.”


Robin McGraw lays on table in front of Dr. Phil McGraw
Courtesy of Dr. Phil McGraw/Instagram

Their 1976 wedding was a dream come true. After more than four decades of marriage, Phil and Robin have been able to keep the spark alive by performing romantic gestures regularly.

“He always does the one thing he knows I really love and that is getting my favorite dessert for every occasion  wedding cake,” Robin gushed over her hubby. “That is my go-to dessert, and he knows I love it and always makes sure it is here for me.”

Phil and Robin, who are grandparents to four grandchildren, truly are happier than ever.

“He is so romantic, when we were still in school, we had a little apartment and we were just as happy then as we are now,” Robin reflected. “He went out to the park out near our little complex and took a knife to a tree trunk and carved a heart and wrote, ‘PM heart RM,’ and took a picture of it and had it developed and framed it. I thought it was so sweet. It was the most precious gift ever.”