Craig Melvin and wife Lindsay Czarniak are quite the power couple, but the pair’s two kids complete their package. The Today star and the sports anchor share their beautiful children, son Delano and daughter Sybil.

When Did Craig Melvin and Lindsay Czarziak Get Married?

Craig and Lindsay’s romance first began in 2008 when he was living in Washington D.C. and working at a news station as an NBC anchor. The two crossed paths when Lindsay returned home from reporting the Olympics in Beijing.

The lovebirds were tight-lipped about the early days of their relationship, but once they solidified an unbreakable bond, Lindsay and Craig revealed they were a couple. After being together for three years, they tied the knot in Washington, D.C., in October 2011.

Who Is Craig Melvin’s Son Delano?

The beloved broadcaster and the Hyperdrive actress started their family in 2014 when they welcomed their eldest son, Delano.

As a TV star, juggling his career and fatherhood can sometimes be complicated. At the time Craig and Lindsay became a father and mother, the MSNBC Live host put all of his professional responsibilities to the side to focus on his family. Craig once recalled the days of paternity leave in a candid blog post for People.

“I was able to be there for the earliest of memories and learn how to change diapers, burp and feed, but was also able to tag out my wife who, despite superhuman powers, still likes the occasional nap or shower,” he wrote.


According to his dad’s Instagram, the adorable youngster loves playing soccer, doing arts and crafts at home with his sister, dressing up as Spiderman and more.

Aside from looking just like his famous father, Craig shares an undeniable bond with his little man. “He makes me smile and laugh every day,” the Dateline star gushed on Instagram. “Proud to be his dad.”

In fact, Delano has taken after his own dad; in July 2022, he interviewed the stars of Kung Fu Panda 3 as part of Nightly News Kids Edition.

Who Is Craig Melvin’s Daughter Sybil?

The pair’s daughter, Sybil, made her arrival on November 5, 2016. Like her older brother, the brunette-haired cutie is often spotted on Craig and Lindsay’s social media accounts.

‘Today’ Anchor Craig Melvin Is a Loving Father of 2! See His Sweetest Quotes About Being a Dad
Courtesy of Craig Melvin/Instagram

At the time the duo welcomed their baby girl, Craig was working around the clock for the 2016 election. Although he had to neglect most of his work duties while waiting for Sybil to arrive, he said it was all worth it once he held his kiddo in his arms.

“I’m competitive and don’t like getting beaten on the big story much less missing it altogether, but the bond paternity leave creates between father and child is far more important than any news story will ever be,” he gushed in his People blog post.

In February 2024, Craig opened up about raising mixed-raise children.

“Sibby is still young at 7, but even she is showing some signs of self-identity,” he told “She’s been drawing self-portraits for years now. A couple of months ago, she drew a picture of herself on a horse. And it’s the first time she went out of her way to make her face a darker complexion than it is. I deliberately didn’t ask her about it, even though I wanted to, because I don’t want to have any sort of influence on how she views herself in this world and how she identifies.”