Is that you, Charlize Theron?! The 43-year-old actress looked nearly unrecognizable at the 2019 Oscars on Sunday, February 24 when she debuted newly-dyed brunette hair on the red carpet.

Charlize swapped her usually long, blonde ‘do for a short, cropped bob in a much darker hue. So why exactly did the mom-of-two decide to majorly change up her look? According to the star’s hairstylist, it wasn’t for a role but just a fun change for the Oscars!

Charlize Theron Hair
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“Charlize is incredibly fearless,” Adir Abergel told Us Weekly in a new interview of the Oscar-winner’s latest Academy Awards look. “She is willing to experiment.”

Abergel also revealed that Charlize’s hair change wasn’t done just before the annual awards show but instead started about a week prior to the red carpet. “When you’re going from light to dark, hair can grab on to pigment unevenly, so we changed the color gradually and added more as we went on. It’s important to get the hair to the right strength before going dark,” Abergel explained.

Charlize Theron Brunette
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As for the rest of Charlize’s Oscars look, stylist Leslie Fremar chose a pale blue Dior gown for the actress and accessorized the beyond gorgeous dress with diamond bracelets, colorful earrings, sapphire rings and tons of diamonds dripping around Charlize’s neck with two stunning necklaces.

We absolutely love your new look, Charlize!