Poor Charles! A new survey has revealed that almost half of the British public wants Prince Charles to abdicate the English throne when Queen Elizabeth passes away and instead let his oldest son, Prince William, become king. Awkward!

The survey, commissioned on behalf of the UK newspaper The Independent, found that 46 percent of English folks would prefer William, 36, to be their new king over next in line Charles, 70. And this just adds to the Prince of Wales’ lack of confidence when it comes to the public’s love. “Charles has always felt insecure about his lack of popularity,” a royals insider tells Life & Style. “So the fact that the public are pressuring him to give up the throne has hit a raw nerve. Charles can’t help feeling jealous of William, his own son!”

Prince William Prince Charles
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But that’s not all, as the insider adds that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall‘s husband is now going “out of his way to gain the public’s approval” because “many still haven’t forgiven him” for his divorce from the late Princess Diana and subsequent marriage to wife Camilla, 71. And even though the Brits may be all about the Duke of Cambridge, another poll recently conducted by YouGov actually revealed that Prince Harry is the most popular royal of all.

Prince Harry Prince Charles Meghan Markle
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That’s right, 77 percent of those tea and crumpets lovers have a great opinion of the Duke of Sussex, 34, though his wife, Meghan Markle, came in at the sixth spot in this poll. On the other hand, the 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex’s rumored nemesis, Kate Middletonlanded in fourth place. The Queen, 92, is the most popular royal after Harry and, sadly, Charles ended up at the bottom of the pack.

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