Awkwaaard! This year, the world is remembering Princess Diana on the 20th anniversary of her tragic death — and, as a result, the late royal’s ex-husband, Prince Charles, is, unfortunately, experiencing quite a significant dip in his royal popularity.

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According to a new poll published by the British national news agency the Press Association, a staggering 27 percent of Brits now think Charles has negatively impacted the royal family. That number was just 15 percent back in 2013. Conversely, 36 percent of people said the Prince of Wales has been beneficial to the monarchy — 60 percent thought so nearly four years ago. Watch the video below to see more of the fascinating royal family poll results!

With countless TV specials and articles recently revealing new details about Princess Diana’s prolific life and death, the public has also been reliving Charles’ infamous affair with now-wife Camilla Parker Bowles. As a result, only 14 percent of Britons now feel that Camilla should receive the title of Queen when her husband one-day ascends to the throne. Comparatively, 39 percent believe Camilla should hold the title Princess Consort instead of Queen and 30 percent don’t think she should have a title at all.

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“Whether Camilla will be Consort or Queen — I would think there’d be a riot if they suggested she should be Queen,” Diana’s former private secretary Michael Gibbins told The Sun in a new interview. “There’s been a lot of forgiving going on but there is still deep-seated public disquiet over the way she behaved.”

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