Remember when we leaned heavily on polls a couple of years ago and things didn’t exactly go as planned? Well not to worry because this poll is something that won’t completely shake your life upside down (maybe.) According to the Daily Mail, a new poll has found that everyone’s favorite royal redhead, Prince Harry, is the most popular royal in the British public. Somewhere right now Prince William is slowly grinding his teeth.

That’s right, royal fanatics, the Duke of Sussex is super popular right now with the British public. And this comes as no surprise as Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, have been everywhere this entire year. Of course, we have been completely sucked in because who doesn’t like living through others. Especially when those others are living their best life.

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The poll, conducted by YouGov, shows that 77 percent of those good old Brits have a super good opinion of Prince Harry (well he is quite dreamy). And who was second in this poll? Queen Elizabeth of course, with 74 percent, followed by Prince William. Sorry, Will. But what exactly do Brits love about Harry? Well, they describe him as likable, genuine, and they think he has quite the sense of humor.

And if you’re curious to where Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, falls in this poll, well she fell to fourth place. But she’s still ahead of Markle who fell to sixth place, only ahead of Prince Charles and Princess Anne. I don’t exactly know what Prince Charles can do to get back on the popular level of things but perhaps he should release a viral video of some sort. Seems to work in America.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Around 3,700 interviews were conducted in order to get this vital information. So if you ever find yourself in a heated discussion about whether Prince Harry or Prince William is more popular, just make sure to show your friends this article and then gloat when they realize that Harry is number one. And then figure out the state of your friendship afterward.

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