When it comes to growing up, Candace Cameron-Bure knows her children will always be her babies. The Fuller House star shared a video recently in which we see the mom-of-three can be seen adorably fooling around with her son Maksim Bure at a kids’ playground.

“Because you’re never too big to swing and have your mama push you. I love you Maksy, my big baby,” the 43-year-old captioned the hilarious video. In the clip, Candace — who is also mom to Natasha Bure, 20, and Lev Bure, 19, with husband Valeri Bure — can be seen pushing her 17-year-old son on a swing. Take a look at the sweet video Candance shared below!

While many fans were quick to point out the heartwarming bond between the two, others were wondering how it was even possible that she was pushing her grown teenage son — who practically looks twice her size! “How tall is he? His legs look so long!’ one fan wrote in the comment section of the post, to which Candace replied, “6-foot.” Another jokingly wrote, “Lol, it should be the other way around, he is so tall!”

Being able to push Maksim doesn’t come as a surprise to Candace’s fans as they know she is no stranger to exercising and keeping in shape. Last summer, the Full House alum revealed her best tips and tricks for moms who are looking to balance their careers, parenting and exercise.

Candace first advised that you stop putting exercise on the back burner. “I don’t find time to workout,” she shared with E! News last August. “I make time to work out. That’s the difference. It’s important to me, and we all make time for whatever is important in our lives.”

While each workout is different for every body type, the blonde beauty admitted she prefers the Stoked Method — a workout comprised of pilates, yoga, barre and strength training. As a self-proclaimed “fit mom,” Candace makes sure to follow a strict diet this way her body is only getting the best nutrients.

“I eat a lot of veggies, lean proteins and I keep my portions small,” she dished to the outlet, adding that she keeps a list of everything she ingests. “If I’m putting so much effort into taking care of my body, I’ve got to take care of it from the inside out,” Candace continued. “So, not just the workouts but good food and that’s why I’m partnered with Starkist.”

For as long as we can remember, exercising and helping out fellow mamas is something that Candace has always been passionate about. “I want to encourage all of the moms out there,” she gushed. “I’m in my best shape right now. You can do it. It’s just time, effort, and priority.” Way to go, mama!