Actress Candace Cameron Bure is no stranger when it comes to exercising and keeping herself fit. But, in a new interview with E! News, Candace, 42, shared her top three tips for busy moms to balance career, family, and fitness — and her candid advice is awesome!

Her first tip is to stop making excuses and create a workout regimen that works. “I don’t find time to workout,” she said. “I make time to work out. That’s the difference. It’s important to me, and we all make time for whatever is important in our lives.”



Candace revealed her favorite exercise is the Stoked Method, which is a mix of pilates, yoga, barre, and strength training. As a self-described “fit mom,” Candace also follows a strict diet and only likes to feed her body the best food.

“I eat a lot of veggies, lean proteins, and I keep my portions small,” she said. The Fuller House star also makes sure to keep tabs on everything that she ingests. “If I’m putting so much effort into taking care of my body, I’ve got to take care of it from the inside out,” she added. “So, not just the workouts but good food and that’s why I’m partnered with Starkist.”


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Candace wants to show women everywhere that you can be a great parent and still make time to workout while also having a career. Now in her 40s, the mom-of-three also admitted she’s happy that she’s no longer the woman that she was in her 20s.

“I want to encourage all of the moms out there, or if you’re not a mom, any woman in their 30s or 40s,” she shared. “I’m like my 20s weren’t my best. I’m in my best shape right now. You can do it. It’s just time, effort, and priority.”