Bindi Irwin’s husband, Chandler Powell, is so appreciative of her! The conservationist was praised in an adorable Mother’s Day tribute from her spouse on May 12.

“This amazing woman right here. She is the most incredible mama, caring wife and all around just beautiful person,” Chandler, 27, captioned a photo with his wife and their daughter, Grace Warrior. “I’m so grateful she is Grace’s mama. Happy Mother’s Day, @bindisueirwin. This photo is all of us laughing because Grace thought it was the funniest thing ever that her rake could stand up in the recycling bin.”

“My. Whole. World. I love you with all my heart,” Bindi, 25, replied in a comment underneath the post.

Bindi Irwin Mother's Day
Courtesy of Chandler Powell/Instagram

Chandler and Bindi walked down the aisle in 2020 and welcomed their daughter on their first wedding anniversary. They are currently raising their little one in their home on the Australia Zoo compound, where they live and work.

“AWW, how sweet. Bindi is an awesome mom, and a wonderful young woman as well. You are so blessed to have her chandler. Grace, your mommy is amazing,” one person commented on the Mother’s Day post.

The post came more than a year after Bindi opened up about undergoing surgery for endometriosis following “insurmountable fatigue, pain and nausea.” During the surgery, doctors found 37 lesions and a “chocolate cyst.”

“Things may look fine on the outside looking in through the window of someone’s life, however, that is not always the case,” Bindi captioned a March 2023 Instagram post. “Please be gentle & pause before asking me (or any woman) when we’ll be having more children. After all that my body has gone through, I feel tremendously grateful that we have our gorgeous daughter. She feels like our family’s miracle.”

“I’m aware of millions of women struggling with a similar story,” the zookeeper added. “There’s stigma around this awful disease. I’m sharing my story for anyone who reads this & is quietly dealing with pain & no answers. Let this be your validation that your pain is real & you deserve help. Keep searching for answers.”

On Mother’s Day this year, Bindi also praised her mom, Terri Irwin, in an Instagram post.

“Happy Mother’s Day to this amazing woman. My mum. Her commitment to conservation and making the world a better place inspires me every day. I love you, @terriirwincrikey,” she captioned a photo of Terri, 59.