Pregnant Beverley Mitchell was heartbroken after miscarrying her twins in 2018, which is why the beloved 7th Heaven alum exclusively tells Closer Weekly she feels “super, super grateful” about baby no. 3.

“From what I was expecting and how I saw this all going in my head, [it] was definitely a different experience,” Beverley, 39, shares in a new interview, noting she was “definitely more hesitant” earlier in her fourth pregnancy. “I was kind of more just like, ‘Well, we’ll see, we’ll see if it sticks.'”

Beverley Mitchell and family

The sitcom star — who is expecting a baby girl with husband Michael Cameron this summer — explains how her miscarriage added an element of fear to her current pregnancy. Because Beverley had no issues with daughter Kenzie, 7, and son Hutton 5, she was extra worried after losing her twin babies.

“We waited exponentially longer to tell anyone. We were always very trying to keep ourselves from getting excited,” she notes. “We were always trying to get to the next appointment and even then we were like, ‘Well, there’s still this risk.'”

While reflecting on her first trimester, Beverley — who tied the knot with her accountant husband in 2008 — gets candid about the “strange feeling” that came along with losing her pregnancy.

“It was kind of hard to accept in the fact that I was so confused by it,” she tells Closer. “I was so shocked by it … but even then, my head knew that the babies weren’t healthy, which was why they didn’t stick.”

Beverley Mitchell

The Hollywood Darlings alum’s “heart was sad because we had these hopes of having more kids,” she adds. “Then all of a sudden, there were all these questions of whether or not I could get pregnant again … or if I could, if it would be healthy.”

Despite her self-doubt, Beverley insists “this is exactly where [her] family” is meant to be. “For us, we’ve always kind of felt that the magic number for our family was three,” she gushes. “I feel very confident in our little soon-to-be family of five.”

The country music singer and her handsome husband aren’t the only ones looking forward to expanding their famous family. Beverley recalls the sweet moment she and Michael told Kenzie and Hutton they were getting a little sister.

“We got a call and it was fun because we all found out together,” she marvels. “Kenzie was instantly excited. Hutton folded into a puddle of tears and was crying and was really upset until we explained that he’s still our baby boy and now he’s got to be her protector … and now he’s completely thrilled with the fact that he’s got a baby sister to protect and look after. He’s going to be her big bubba.”

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Reporting by Diana Cooper.