For Home Town’s Ben Napier, embarking on a weight loss transformation was motivated immensely by one thing — being around for his family.

“We’re all trying to be healthier and trying to live better and trying to live longer,” Ben, 40, told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on ​Wednesday, November 15. “I started just [because I knew] I needed to take some weight off. And then we did an interview … and my shirt wouldn’t stay buttoned and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s a bad look. That is a bad thing.’ I was already working [on my weight] and then that jumpstarted it.”

The craftsman underwent shoulder surgery in March and was alarmed when doctors suggested he go on blood pressure medication prior to his 40th birthday. Ben felt he was “too young” and instead decided to see if losing weight would help lower his blood pressure. Now, “his blood pressure is perfect,” his wife, Erin Napier, told the outlet, adding, “It is the sexiest thing.”

When it came to shedding 95 pounds, Ben decided to switch up his diet and continue to work out regularly in his home gym.

“I like only eat ‘girl dinner,’ which is basically crackers for two meals a day. I just crave crackers and maybe a little cheese, charcuterie, a little fruit, maybe a crunchy carrot,” Erin, 38, said. “Ben just basically adopted eating the way I was eating. He has one big meal. He eats a good, healthy, big lunch. … Last night for supper, he ate some dates. He’s obsessed with dates!”

Erin is thrilled with everything her husband has accomplished during his health journey. The Heirloom Rooms author wants her spouse to be around to watch their two daughters, Helen, 5, and Mae, 2, grow up.

“Helen is in kindergarten. We are reading, which has been the most amazing thing,” Ben said.

Ben Napier carves pumpkins with a friend
Courtesy of Ben Napier/Instagram

In August 2022, the dad of two melted everyone’s hearts when he documented taking his eldest daughter to her first day of school.

“Helen requested bacon, bagels and croissants for the first day of school,” Ben wrote next to an adorable set of Instagram photos at the time. “So, I got her bagels and croissants from NYC and bacon from Keens. Then I cried more than anyone taking her to school.”

Erin echoed Ben’s sentiments about Helen’s big milestone, sharing a sweet post on her own account.

“She took one of Ben’s hankies and sprayed my perfume on it in case she needed us, and Old Bear held her hand when we had to let go of it,” Erin captioned the Instagram post. “Being a parent is hard, awful, bliss.”