It’s Not Unusual for Alfonso Ribeiro to Be a Great Dad — Meet the ‘Fresh Prince’ Star’s 4 Kids

He may have put “The Carlton” on the map, but Alfonso Ribeiro is a lot more than just an iconic dance move on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, he is also an incredible father to four wonderful children.

The TV personality, 48, has been married twice in his life — he first tied the knot to actress Robin Stapler in 2002. The pair had one child, a daughter named Sienna Ribeiro, before parting ways in 2006. It would be six years until Alfonso would say ‘I do’ again, this time marrying Angela Unkrich. The two share three kids — Alfonso Jr., Anders and daughter Ava.

These days, the family is all about spending time with each other, as they take big vacations all the time. “Well for me, I think travel is the greatest way to educate your family on people,” the actor exclusively told Closer Weekly. “Yes, you can read about things in books but nothing lands and sticks with you throughout your life than personal experience.” Alfonso also added that he takes his kids to Iowa every year to visit his in-laws, and to experience the world first-hand.

“When you want to see this country, you want to go around and see the plains … you want to see the hills and the mountains and the Rockies,” he explained. Alfonso is also all about being a hands-on parent.

“I feel like it’s the most important thing. At the end of the day, I’ve got two jobs. The first one, obviously, is to be a parent, and to be there and to give my kids the best experience that I could possibly give them while teaching them how to have a chance in life once they become adults,” Alfonso said during an interview with Fox News.

Alfonso Ribeiro

“And then, obviously, my regular work life on TV. My kids don’t know the difference,” he continued. “All they know is I’m dad and I need to do the same as every other dad out there, trying to make their home happy. That’s my number one focus: what can I do to make them happy children that see the world in a positive way.”

Scroll on down to learn about each of Alfonso’s four kids!

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