Joan Lunden and her husband, Jeff Konigsberg, have been going strong for more than two decades. The Good Morning America alum once shared the sweet story of how she met and fell in love with her spouse.

How Did Joan Lunden Meet Jeff Konigsberg?

Joan was married once prior to meeting Jeff. She walked down the aisle with her first husband, Michael A. Krauss, in 1978. They welcomed kids Jamie, Lindsay and Sarah before their marriage ended in 1992.

The former Today correspondent revealed that her friends began to set her up on dates with people after her divorce.

“A lot of my high-powered girlfriends set me up with incredibly successful businessmen who were about as boring as you can imagine,” she reflected in an interview with Motherhood Later. “And, I thought, it’s just not what I want. I don’t want a detached guy whose mind is always focused on the next deal. I want someone who is going to really be present in my life … embrace my kids and someone I can have fun with. I want to wake up in the morning, and say ‘Damn, I’m so happy I’m waking up next to him.’”

One day, she ended up meeting Jeff during a chance encounter while eating lunch at a deli.

“He came over to the table and said, ‘Oh hi. Obviously, I know you, but you don’t know me. I almost had dinner at your house in the Hampton’s last summer. I was invited through a friend but couldn’t go. I own children’s camps in Maine, and I’m there all summer, but maybe we can have dinner together another time?’” she reflected.

Jeff Konigsberg and Joan Lunden Marriage
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When Did Joan Lunden Marry Jeff Konigsberg?

The rest is history, as the pair fell in love and were “on the same page” about what they wanted in the future. The couple got married in 2000. Two decades after their nuptials, Joan revealed that her hubby helped her make some lifestyle changes after beating breast cancer.

“I married a guy who owns summer camps,” she told Closer in November 2020. “We live in Maine all summer where there are tennis courts, a climbing wall and hiking. My husband also just got me the ultimate birthday gift, it’s called The Mirror. It’s the coolest thing ever because there is a person in front of me and I am following their lead.”

How Many Kids Does Joan Lunden Have?

In addition to her three kids with her first husband, Joan welcomed two sets of twins, Kate and Max, and Kimberly and Jack with Jeff. As a mom of seven children in total, she has learned how to balance parenthood and making time for herself.

“It’s energizing to me,” she once told Closer of raising her blended family. “I’m a person who just has always taken on life at full speed. So I think that I was wise in my choice.”