Joan Collins Gives All of Her Love to Her Kids! Meet Tara, Alexander and Katyana

If it wasn’t for Joan Collins‘ grandmother, she may not become an actress. Her beloved family member pushed her to follow her dreams no matter what, and that’s something Joan tries to teach her kids every single day. The Dynasty star a mom to children — Tara, 56, Alexander, 54, and Katyana, 47.

“I blame my grandmother for encouraging me to become an actress,” Joan, 86, previously joked with The Guardian. “She taught me to sing, tap dance and even do the splits — which I can still do. ‘Oh, Grandma, what bendy legs you have!'”

Doing the splits is something the British actress might teach her children if they haven’t already learned. She shares Tara and Alexander with her ex-husband, Anthony Newley, and Katyana with her ex-husband, Ron Kass. In total, Joan has been married five times but, since 2002, she’s been happily wed to Percy Gibson.

As they’ve spent nearly two decades together, Joan realized the secret to a happy marriage is to find the right guy. “Don’t marry an actor! Rule No. 1,” she previously joked on the U.K. TV show This Morning. “Separate loos [bathrooms] is rule No. 2 … and I think one has arguments, but to always be forgiving.”

Despite her love life, Joan has found the beauty in many things — no matter how big or small. She doesn’t take her family or her career for granted. “I’ve worked hard all my life, but I wake up each morning thinking how fortunate I am,” she once confessed to the Irish News. “Honestly, life makes me happy.”

She’s also picked up a few important lessons along the way. “You’ve got to eat life or life will eat you,” she revealed to Interview magazine. “When you get to a certain age, there’s really nothing to be scared of anymore. No one has ever said the word ‘fearless’ to me before, but I suppose in a way I am.”

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