TV personality Tom Bergeron is “confident” he’ll find another great job after being let go from Dancing With the Stars, a source exclusively tells Closer Weekly. “He’s not worried.”

Tom, 65, is “one of the most competent hosts out there. He’s professional and gets the job done, but he’s a realist and he knows that Hollywood is about luck first and talent second,” the source adds. “His only concern is will lighting strike again?”


Tom — who rose to fame hosting shows like America’s Funniest Videos — learned he wasn’t going to be returning to DWTS after ABC and producer BBC Studios announced they were taking the show in a “new creative direction.” The two companies decided to replace the on-camera personality, who has been there since season 1, and his cohost Erin Andrews with Tyra Banks.

“Was he blindsided? Yes, but he’s big into meditating so he’s pretty zen, he’s not the type of guy to hold a grudge,” the insider says. “He’s [let] things go. So he’s happy about Tyra Banks getting the job. He likes to say, ‘That’s showbiz.'”

Since Tom “wasn’t expecting to be out of a job” so soon, he hasn’t been “actively looking for work,” especially since the world is in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. But due to his impressive resume hosting DWTS, AFV and Hollywood Squares, he’s “hopeful he’ll land a job soon.”

Tyra Banks


“One thing I know is that Tom isn’t ready to retire. He loves getting up and going to work,” the insider shares. “Tom will keep on doing what he’s been doing — reading books, catching up on shows and classic films and puttering around his home doing repairs and projects. He’s keeping busy and not worried about the future. I’m certain he’ll land on his feet.”

After Tyra was named the new host and executive producer of DWTS, she released a statement about her love for the show’s “raw emotion” which reminded her of her days as a model. She also thanked Tom for setting a “powerful stage” that she’s “excited” to continue.