There’s no doubt Sunny Hostin has had one incredible career throughout her run as a successful TV star and businesswoman. However, the lawyer-turned-journalist said nothing compares to the feeling she had when she became the mom to her two kids, Gabe and Paloma.

The View cohost experienced motherhood for the first time when she and husband Emmanuel Hostin welcomed their eldest child, son Gabe, in 2002. The proud parents added another baby to their brood when daughter Paloma arrived in 2006.

Besides giving fans sneak peeks inside their lives as two growing kiddos, Sunny is one to share clips of Gabe and Paloma competing in sporting events, excelling in school and playing the piano. Sunny’s social media pages are also filled with silly snapshots of the two.

Gabriel “Gabe” Hostin

Born on August 15, 2002, Gabriel — who goes by Gabe — is Sunny’s eldest child. Gabe grew up loving sports, and he played football up until high school. Throughout his high school career, Sunny often shared photos of Gabe while cheering him on during his foootball games.

It seems the handsome teenager is just as talented off the field as he is on. In June 2019, the American Morning alum uploaded the most incredible clip of Gabe performing “Sad” on the piano by late rapper XXXTentacion. “All that hard work paid off — Gabriel at the piano recital,” she captioned the clip at the time.

Courtesy of Sunny Hostin/Instagram

Sunny also revealed Gabe can play the saxophone as she shared a video of him performing during their school’s winter concert. “Gabriel’s jazz ensemble — For those asking, here is the entire piece,” she gushed.

Aside from being super proud of her older kiddo, Sunny couldn’t share a more special bond with Gabe. In honor of one of his birthdays, the Girls Trip actress marveled over the amazing man he’s growing up to be. “8/15/02 — the day my precious boy came into the world and made every single day of our lives brighter,” she captioned her sweet post via Instagram. “He is brilliant, humble and kind. My gentle giant. I love and adore you. Always.”

Sunny wasn’t kidding when she said her son was smart, as he’s currently a college student at Harvard University. The proud mom revealed they “dropped [their] ‘baby boy” off at the campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in August 2021, sharing a photo of her handsome young man.

“It was all going so well until little sis started crying — thanks, Paloma!” Sunny wrote. “We are all so very proud and we know you will change the world, Gabriel. Here’s to a great adventure, my sweet boy.”

Though Sunny has experienced some ups and downs during her journey through motherhood, the television host couldn’t imagine life without Gabe and Paloma. Speaking exclusively with Closer at the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection in February 2020, Sunny expressed how much it means to have Gabe and Paloma by her side.

“In my legal career, prosecuting child sex crimes is what I’m most proud of. Although, every moment I almost feel like the best is yet to come,” Sunny replied. “But the most surreal experience has been having my children. They’re the most important to me, and I’m most proud of them.”

The former ABC News analyst even dished how she balances her life as a mom and wife while juggling her career as a beloved TV personality.

“The only way, honestly, is that I prioritize them, and my marriage,” she explained to Closer. “I’ve turned down more projects than I’m a part of. Even though I have two books coming out and a development deal with 21st Century, if something doesn’t allow me to go to every basketball game or track meet, it doesn’t happen.”

Paloma Hostin

Like her older brother, Paloma — who was born on May 4, 2006 — definitely takes after her famous mama’s work ethic and drive. Despite having some more growing up to do, it appears the beautiful teen is interested in pursuing a career in sports.

Whether she’s competing at a track event or dribbling down the court in a basketball game, Sunny is always there to cheer her mini-me daughter on. In April 2019, the TV personality praised her little girl for reaching a huge accomplishment.

“So very proud of @palomahostin12334, who was named Camper of The Week at the Nike Girls Basketball Camp,” she captioned her Instagram post. “Way to go, Paloma. And that new pocket dribble is [fire].”

Courtesy of Sunny Hostin/Instagram

Similar to her mama, Paloma loves to get all glammed up and dressed to the nines. When the former columnist shared a few photos of the stunning teen all dolled up for a school event in November 2019, she joked to husband Emmanuel that Paloma “is still your little girl.”

“Yes our kids are tall,” Sunny captioned a gorgeous photo of Paloma and her father. “And they make us look short. And athletes. But poor Manny can’t get over the fact that Paloma is [a teenager] and absolutely stunning. Watch out, papa!”

The I Am These Truths author proved how much her daughter means to her as she once shared a sweet tribute for Paloma in honor of International Women’s Day. “And to my fierce little one (well not so little anymore) Paloma, how brilliant it is watching you grow up to become more fierce every day,” she wrote. “The world better watch out.”

In November 2023, Sunny appeared on The View‘s “Behind the Table” podcast to discuss preparing to send her daughter off to college and how their relationship was changing.

“We do like girl things together like we get our ears pierced, we get our hair done at the same place, and we talk about boys,” the mom of two said. “It’s always been the two girls against the two boys in the house, it’s always been great.”

“I don’t know, she turned 16 and she puts her headphones on in the car and doesn’t talk to me. I don’t understand it,” she confessed. “I’m so hurt by the whole thing. I’m so devastated and it’s just the little kid that just adored my every move. If I’m going out and I have a dress on and she says ‘You ate that’ I’m ecstatic for the compliment, like, it’s great.”