Who wouldn’t want to get the chance to work with acting legend Clint Eastwood? Scott Eastwood, that’s for sure! In fact, the father-son duo have actually worked together on two prior projects — the 2008 film Gran Torino and 2012’s Trouble With the Curve — and in a new interview with Closer Weekly and a few other reporters at the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos opening, Scott admits he would jump at the chance to work with his dad one last time.

“Of course. I’d love to do something with him again,” Scott gushed. The 33-year-old also revealed he’s working on a brand new project and his dad could possibly be a part of it.

Clint Eastwood son Scott

“Maybe,” he laughed. “You’ll have to speculate.” We’ll keep out fingers crossed!

After all those years of working so close with Clint, Scott has learned a thing or two about acting and making his way through life. “I will say that he tells me to listen. Listen more. Keep my mouth shut,” he previously told Closer Weekly at the GEANCO Foundation Hollywood Gala. “I’m pretty good at this.”

Scott is only one out of Clint’s eight kids. His older sister Alison Eastwood, also adores their dad and said the best advice she ever got from him was to not stress about her life.

“He never seemed to take anything too seriously,” she said. “Maybe that’s not that a good thing … I don’t know.”

He also taught her how to smile every now and then. “He makes me laugh, I make him laugh. That’s my favorite part about it,” she gushed. “I think just having a lot of laughter, especially in our family, amongst ourselves. We’re all getting older.”

Clint Eastwood

Clint’s age is one thing he doesn’t acknowledge anymore either. At age 89, he’s stopped celebrating his birthday.“ He probably won’t even want us to acknowledge it. He hates his birthday,” Alison confessed to Closer in another interview. “I think he just wants to work and enjoy his life but I don’t think he wants to celebrate it. He hates his birthday for some reason. We’ve all tried to get him into it but he won’t do it. So we’ll see.”

We hope Scorr and Clint work together again in the future!