On Nov. 29 of last year, it was Savannah Guthrie who broke the news to America that Matt Lauer would be ousted from NBC after sexual harassment allegations arose. “I was terrified,” Savannah has admitted to Marie Claire nine months later. “Terrified to think of who would possibly sit next to me [in Lauer’s place], and could I hold this show?”

There was a lot of pressure on the 46-year-old anchor. Savannah even admitted that she didn’t think she could do it. “In fact, I knew I couldn’t,” she said. However, her fears, insecurities, and tribulations disappeared when she knew Hoda Kotb would sitting next to her. Savannah grabbed Hoda’s hand during the sit-down and gripped it hard. “When it was Hoda, I was so happy,” she revealed. “Like ‘Oh, I have this partner. I don’t feel scared anymore. We can do this together.”

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Hoda, 54, replacing Matt was monumental as it marked the first all-female co-anchor team in Todays 66-year history. Way to go, ladies! Though Savannah admitted that she is very happy anchoring the show with her new BFF Hoda, “we would have never chosen these circumstances,” the anchor said of Matt’s inappropriate behavior.

It’s been almost a year since the two women were chosen to work alongside each other. Those who know Savannah and Hoda say they are the perfect duo. Today executive producer, Libby Leist, dished that the program is so good because Savannah and Hoda are so authentic. “Hoda brings everybody into her world with her warmth and her attention to what makes everybody tick,” Libby gushed. “She was in the division as a Dateline reporter for so long and traveled all over the world, covering the 2004 tsunami and the Iraq War.”

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As for Savannah, “She’s a political expert. She blends her legal skills and her Washington knowledge to make an incredible interviewer and newsperson,” Libby said. But Savannah isn’t always all business. Their producer said Savannah is someone who “is hilariously funny.”

The combination of the two personalities creates a great show for Today. Plus, Savannah and Hoda make watching the news fun with their grace, style, and humor!

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