News anchor Savannah Guthrie seems like such a great mama! In a new interview, the mom-of-two revealed to Us Weekly that she’s trying her best to raise confident and kind kids. “I care about their character. I care so much about their souls and their spirits way more than I care about book smarts or what school they go to,” she told the magazine of daughter Vale, 4, and son Charley, nearly 2.

Savannah, 46, also gushed about what it was like to recently bring her little girl, Vale, to Today for the morning show’s International Day of the Girl celebration on Oct. 11. “[The best part was] seeing my daughter out there dancing like nobody’s watching. Because that’s just who she is. I love her fearlessness,” she shared.

We can’t imagine how intimidating it would feel to let loose in front of the millions of Americans watching Today each morning, but Vale didn’t seem to have a problem doing so. Savannah explained to Us Weekly that her daughter has always been a confident little cutie. “She just came out that way, and all I have to do is get out of the way and hope she gets to do exactly what she wants,” she said.

While inspiring her children to be the best they can be, Savannah also admitted that she wants Vale and Charley to realize that they can both do whatever they’d like in life. “It’s just as important to me that [Charley] grows up in a world where his and his sister’s potential is realized,” Savannah said. “We’re all working toward that goal.”

“I hope that my daughter and son are simultaneously bold and gentle and humble,” Savannah added. Vale and Charley are so lucky to have such an awesome mom!

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