You go, girls! Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie proved to be daring when they decided to test out CoolSculpting together. As part of Today‘s Does it Work? series, the TV hosts put the fat-freezing process to the test for all to see on the morning NBC series.

The popular procedure is a painless way to freeze away fat cells. “Because of the fact that we’re freezing these fat cells to the point where we’re causing fat cell death, your body will naturally eliminate them over the course of the next two to three months,” CoolScupting practitioner and consultant Laura Dyer said. “But once those fat cells are dead and gone, they are dead and gone permanently.”



On Monday, Nov. 26, Jenna, 37, and Savannah, 46, unveiled the results of the procedure nine weeks after going for their first sessions. NBC News treated the co-anchors to a whopping $13,650 worth of CoolSculpting. Savannah got three sessions on her arms and Jenna got two on her stomach. “Both found a ‘significant’ reduction in fat in the areas treated,” according to Today.

The two opened up about their experiences on the show. “The thing is I felt different immediately,” Jenna said. “After Thanksgiving break… it comes back. It can come back.” Savannah admitted she was a little apprehensive to try it. “I think to be clear about it is thought it’s really like a spot treatment,” she confessed. “We just thought it would be fun to try it.”


Savannah has been a victim of criticism over her weight in the past. In fact, fans once assumed she was pregnant after a Today episode when she wasn’t. “It is just the dress. Excuse me while I go burn it,” she wrote on social media at the time. “Excuse me while I spend the rest of the day on the elliptical.” We think Savannah and Jenna both look fabulous — CoolSculpting or not!

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