Surprise! Sandra Bullock‘s youngest child, Laila, looked all grown up as she made a rare video appearance on Red Table Talk. The beloved actress’ 8-year-old daughter made fans’ hearts absolutely melt when she popped in during her mom’s segment on Friday, May 8.

The special episode honored four nurses, including one named April, for Mother’s Day on May 10. Sandra said her beloved daughter — whom she adopted in 2015 — wanted to share a message to those fighting on the frontlines against the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

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“I have someone here who wants to say something to April, can she come say something?” Sandra, 55, said while chatting with host Jada Pinkett Smith, her daughter, Willow Smith, and mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris. Laila then jumped onto the Miss Congeniality star’s lap. “Hi ladies,” the little girl greeted.

“That’s April up there, do you have something you wanna say to April?” the Blind Side star said. “Thank you, April, for doing everything for everyone,” the youngster adorably announced as April, Jada and the other hosts marveled in the background. “Stay safe for your family.”

Everyone was so touched by Laila’s heartwarming message — even Sandra. “She’s our world’s superhero, she’s the one who’s going to save the world in our family,” the Academy Award winner gushed of her kiddo. “She’s ready to join you out there, April … in a few years.” So sweet!

Laila’s surprise appearance on Red Table Talk is extra special considering it’s not often at all that Sandra usually keeps her kids out of the spotlight. Despite being one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars, the Speed alum — who is also the mom of son Louis, 10 — has done everything she can to keep her kids’ lives as private as possible.

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“They don’t really know that their mother is a huge movie star, they just know her as Mommy,” an insider shared with Closer Weekly. “Louis and Laila are two of the most polite and well-behaved children I know. There’s not an ounce of brattiness, what you might expect from Hollywood kids, and that’s because Sandra is nothing but a mom to them.”

The glitz and glamour certainly haven’t affected the way she raises Louis and Laila either. “Sandra is raising kids who care about giving back, sharing and more importantly, realize how blessed they are,” a separate source told Closer. “Louis and Laila may be young, but they get it.”

We hope to see Laila makes another appearance with her mom soon!

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