Her children may still be young, but Sandra Bullock is already dreading the day when 10-year-old son Louis and 8-year-old daughter Laila grow up. The award-winning actress and doting mom of two opened up about coming to terms with her aging kiddos while recently catching up with pal Jennifer Aniston.

“I look at everyone who is trying to raise kids, and I go, ‘How are we supposed to raise children outside of a bubble? And show them the difference between right and wrong, and what kindness looks like, when it’s really hard to find it with all the noise on a screen?'” Sandra, 55, confessed to Jen, 51, while chatting for Interview magazine. “Screens are everywhere.”

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As the Friends alum echoed “everywhere,” Sandra — who shares her adopted children with longtime boyfriend Bryan Randall — joked about the thought of having to let go of her kids one day. “Do you just keep pointing to a higher power, going, ‘You have to answer to that thing. Don’t look at anything here on Earth. Just point up there?'” she continued.

“You can protect your children as much as possible, but they’re eventually going to become an 18-year-old and go out in the world and they’re going to see all of it,” Jen countered. However, Sandra didn’t seem too convinced by the Morning Show star’s opinion. “Not my kids,” she adorably joked.

As Jen wondered if Louis and Laila will be “living with [Sandra] for the rest of [her] life,” the Blind Side actress quipped about how she envisions her kids flying the coop. “I gave them the places where they can go to college because that’s where mommy feels comfortable living,” she hilariously shared. “I said, ‘You can go to these three colleges because I’m going to buy an apartment down the street.'”

“You’re actually building a college at the bottom of the hill right now,” Jen chimed in. “By the time Louis and Laila are at the right ages, it’ll be, ‘I’ll just drive you there every single day. We can even walk and make it a physical experience.'” LOL!

77th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Press Room, Los Angeles, USA - 05 Jan 2020

By the looks of Sandra’s bond with her adorable kids, we won’t be surprised if she puts up a fuss when its time for Louis and Laila to move out. Considering the Ocean’s 8 actress loves spending all the time she can with her super cute kids, fans were surprised to hear she was happier than ever to head home following her fun night out at the 2020 Golden Globes.

“Sandra had a rare night out and Bryan was more than happy to stay home with the kids and let her have some fun,” an insider exclusively shared with Closer Weekly following the awards show in early January.  “The best part of the night for her is always the ride home. Sandra loves Hollywood and celebrating her contemporaries, but heading home to Bryan and her two gorgeous children safely snuggled up in bed is what makes her the happiest.”