Rita Moreno has her eye on Craig Melvin! The EGOT winner was incredibly flirty with the Today host during an interview on the show on Monday, March 4.

Viewers may remember that one year before, Rita, 92, also flirted with Craig, 44, when she was on the show. But this time around was a bit different considering his wife, Lindsay Czarniak, was in the studio. She served as a fill-in cohost during the broadcast.

“I’m laughing because the last time I was here, I was putting you on, being very sexy with you. And now this one here, this ringer is here. I can’t mess around with you,” the West Side Story actress said.

Craig played along with Rita during the segment, jokingly saying, “That’s my wife, and my girlfriend. You’re right. It’s a little strange.”

“Now things are awkward,” Lindsay, 46, said, to which Rita replied, “I’m never awkward. So that’s your problem, as far as I’m concerned.”

At another point in the episode, the 9 to 5 actress greeted Craig by saying, “Hi, cutie.” Previously, during her visit to the program in May 2023, Rita called the broadcaster “gorgeous.” She asked him how long he had been a fan of hers. “Well, I’m in my early 40s,” Craig said, to which Rita replied, “And I’m in my early 90s.”

While Craig has been happily married to Lindsay since 2011, Rita is currently single. The Broadway star was married to her husband, Leonard Gordon, from 1965 up until his death in 2010. Rita once said she would rather “eat glass” than get married again.

“I come from an era where you are supposed to obey the man in the family. I didn’t know how to write a check for the longest time,” she told People in February 2019.

“I also feel that people who are in love often collude,” the superstar continued. “It’s a silent pact that people very often make in the sense. In my case it was, ‘I’ll be the little girl and you be the daddy.’ And then that stopped working after a while, of course, because the little girl wanted to grow up. And that’s when the trouble started.”

Rita Moreno in red gown
Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Ovation TV

Craig, on the other hand, has had nothing but good things to say about his marriage to Lindsay, with whom he shares kids Delano and Sybil. She is also a broadcaster like Craig, proving that they have found the perfect balance between work and prioritizing their family life over the years.

“We make it work and it’s been very, very helpful to have someone who understands crazy hours and all that kind of thing,” the mom of two told People in February 2022.