There’s many reasons why Queen Elizabeth is still trucking along at her age, and one of them is sticking to a strict diet filled with a lot of healthy choices.

While “the Queen has a sweet tooth and rarely turns down a scone or slice of cake,” she still “sticks to a balanced diet and avoids starch,” an insider exclusively tells Closer Weekly. “It helps that she has a top chef on hand to ensure she gets all the nutrients she needs. Fish, vegetables, chicken, salads and salmon are all part of her weekly diet and everything is organic.”

At 93 years old, it should come as no surprise to hear that the head monarch watches what she eats. However, when she isn’t focusing on her diet, she is all about putting care into her skin too.

Queen Elizabeth

“You’d never guess that the Queen’s 93 years old — she’s in such great shape and remembers everything thanks to her healthy lifestyle,” another source exclusively told Closer. “While genetics obviously play a part in the way she looks, she keeps her skin hydrated by moisturizing twice and day, and doesn’t go anywhere without a tube of hand cream. She drinks a plenty of water, too.” Prince Philip‘s wife also remains active.

“The Queen has vowed to continue horse riding until doctors order her to stop. It’s her favorite sport and she always looks forward to getting the saddle out!” an insider revealed. “Not only is she passionate about riding, it also keeps her fit — she feels a million dollars after trotting around Balmoral or Windsor Castle.”

Queen Elizabeth
Ray Tang/Shutterstock

But it’s not all regiment for Prince Charles‘ mom, she also likes to keep things fun when the time calls for it. “When I met her at a semi-private party, and everyone had a nickname — she spoke in riddles and this is what it feels like to be one of her friends,” author Ingrid Seward once said on the Yahoo online series, Royal Box.

We are all for learning more about the Queen!

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