She’s had it. Ever since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry and entered the royal family, there have been rumors of an alleged feud between the Duchess of Sussex and Kate Middleton, but after months Queen Elizabeth has grown tired of it.

Recently, the former actress, 37, and the Duchess of Cambridge, 37, arrived at a reception to celebrate Prince Charles‘ 50 years of service to the crown. And while the women were also joined by their respected husbands, Harry, 36, and Prince William, 37, the 92-year-old monarch kept a close eye on her two granddaughters-in-law, in hopes they would get along as she has had it with the rift between them.

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“Setting a good example is at the top of the queen’s list of priorities,” a royal insider revealed to Closer Weekly in an exclusive new interview, on newsstands now. The source added, “Everyone was very civil, but William and Kate worked the room separately from Harry and Meghan.” And while all went well at the event, Prince Phillips‘ wife is still not happy how stories of Meghan and Kate have not ended.

“The British newspapers are delivered to the queen every morning — she’s growing tired of reading about Meghan and Kate’s rift and is doing everything in her power to sort it out,” the source stated.

But even with all the ups and downs that have occurred between the royal women, the insider revealed that the Queen still has hope things will get patched-up. “She believes that once Meghan gives birth, the two of them will have more in common and will bond over their children,” the source said. “The queen is confident that she’ll be able to get Kate and Meghan back on track … It’s just not going to happen overnight.”

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The Queen has done everything in her power to ease tensions before; during this past Christmas she and her husband ordered the two women to call a truce in the spirit of the season.

“Queen and Charles have allowed the situation to play out without overtly interfering — but they both made it clear that Christmas was for the whole family to really come together,” a source told The Sun during the holiday. The insider added, “That meant the two couples walking into church together as the Fab Four just like they had last year. Yes, it was awkward and uncomfortable given what’s gone on over the past 12 months. But the alternative of even more negativity on Christmas Day wasn’t worth thinking about.”

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