Honestly, is there anything Nicole Kidman can’t do? She’s (deservedly) won accolade after accolade for her portrayal of Celeste Wright, as well as her role in producing HBO’s mini-series Big Little Lies, and now she’s winning global praise for her support of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements by TIME magazine.

Releasing their annual top 100 list of their most influential people, Nicole joined the likes of Cardi B, Gal Gadot, and Hugh Jackman on the esteemed list. This comes as no surprise to us — we’ve known all about Nicole’s starpower for decades. But ever-so-humble Nic doesn’t claim all the credit for her success — specifically the success of Big Little Lies.

'big little lies' r/r

Nicole as Celeste in Big Little Lies.

While recently opening up to The Australian Women’s Weekly, the 50-year-old mom-of-four credited her producing partner Reese Witherspoon for being the ultimate wingwoman in Hollywood. “I called Reese the other day and at the end of the call I said, ‘Gosh I love working with you’,” she said. “[Reese and I] both bring different things to the table and it’s exciting and fun when women can get together and compliment each other to get things done.”

“We still keep pinching ourselves. We can’t believe we’ve wrangled everyone to come back together again [for a second season of Big Little Lies], but we wanted to do it because it’s ours, and its fun, and it’s really cool!” Congrats to Nicole on this much-deserved honor!

This post was written by Ellie McDonald. It originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.