Nearly 30 years removed from her run as Miss South Carolina, Nancy O’Dell still looks remarkably pageant ready. The Entertainment Tonight co-host, 51, has never commented publicly on whether she’s had any help in retaining her youthfulness by undergoing plastic surgery, but some experts say they see signs of possible assistance.

“It looks like she’s contoured with fillers and used laser resurfacing or micro-needling for her skin,” dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg — who, along with the other experts used in this story, hasn’t treated the star — recently told Life & Style. “And the results are great. She looks very youthful, but appropriate for her age.”

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Nancy in 1998 (left) vs. 2017 (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Dermatology expert Dr. Neekan Rivera is impressed with how subtle Nancy’s upgrades are. “There are slight changes,” Dr. Rivera said, “but nothing appears obviously augmented.” And cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Mark sees “great genetics and great injections.” He believes she’s used Botox in her forehead and Voluma in her cheeks, but the result is “very natural looking,” Dr. Mark said. “She’s really kept her natural beauty.”

Nancy’s forehead looks especially great — no wrinkles! “Her forehead is so smooth,” Dr. Goldenberg said, “it appears she’s been getting Botox for some time.” The cost of Botox is about $900 to $1,200 per treatment. Dr. Mark also thinks Nancy used Voluma ($1,300 to $2,000) to make her cheeks “fuller and more youthful.” He recommends less filler in the mid-cheek. “She is slightly chipmunky,” he said.

Dr. Rivera is additionally impressed by Nancy’s skin. “Her complexion looks better and more even than before,” she said. That can be achieved with laser resurfacing, which runs between $1,500 and $5,000. “Her jawline looks phenomenal,” Dr. Mark added. “It’s too good to be from just fillers.” He believes she’s used Ultherapy (which costs $2,500 to $5,500) for a nonsurgical lift. Overall, however, the docs agree that Nancy’s had good results. “She’s really kept her natural beauty,” praised Dr. Mark. Dr. Rivera added, “She has aged very gracefully.”