Proud of Her Plastic Surgery! See How Much Cher’s Flawless Face Has Changed Over Time

Since Cher rose to fame in the 1960s, she’s become an iconic staple in pop music and fashion. Fans have marveled at watching the “If I Could Turn Back Time” songstress age in the spotlight. As one of Hollywood’s most beloved singers, many have wondered if Cher has undergone plastic surgery. Although some celebs remain tight-lipped regarding any cosmetic operations, the Moonstruck actress has been open and honest about going under the knife.

In fact, the star often spoke about getting some work done in the past, including the time she got a boob job. Unfortunately, Cher revealed she wasn’t too thrilled with the operation.

“I’ve had my breasts done. But my breast operations were a nightmare,” she said. “They were really botched in every way. If anything, they were worse after than before.”

Despite her negative experience, the Academy Award winner still went on to get more procedures done — including a nose job, a facelift and dental surgery.

Whether or not others agreed with her choice to undergo the surgeries, Cher defended her decision. “It makes me happy,” she shared. “You know, if I want to put my tits on my back, they’re mine.”

Cher doesn’t just rely solely on cosmetic procedures to keep her glowing through the years. The Mamma Mia! star revealed she puts in a lot of effort making sure she’s staying healthy as well, and it definitely shows from the inside out.

I have to work at it. I don’t drink and I have not done drugs,” Cher revealed to The Sun in October 2019. “I hate watching TV. I take care of myself and I am a good eater. I never had to worry about a pound until I was 50. I could eat whatever I wanted. But after that, you have to work out.”

Cher can’t help but radiate her beauty!

Check out the photos to see how much the brunette beauty has changed over the years!