Hold on to your sequins and feathers! The decades-long collaboration between Cher and Bob Mackie will be celebrated at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Met Gala this spring. The designer recently confided that he lent a number of original Cher costumes to the New York institution for inclusion in its upcoming exhibit, Camp: Notes on Fashion. 

Bob, who has been by Cher’s side through thick and thin since they met in 1967, is proud to have played a part in helping the performer become a fashion icon. “In the old days, she was so young, she didn’t know how amazing she could look,” Bob, 79, exclusively revealed to Closer Weekly in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now. The only thing she knew was that she didn’t want to appear ordinary. “She says, ‘I don’t want to look like a housewife in an evening gown.’ Not that we ever have to worry about that!” he added.

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Bob dished that when it comes to fashion, the “If I Could Turn Back Time” songstress, 72, has always liked to take risks. “It never occurs to her to think, ‘They’re going to stare at me,'” the Emmy Award-winning designer added.

One of Cher’s most memorable outfits, her 1986 Oscars ensemble that featured a stunning headpiece and a black, jewel-encrusted, cut-out gown, is expected to be included in the new exhibit. Another iconic Cher outfit was a fanciful take on an Indian sari that the star once wore onstage. “It’s classic Cher,” Bob said of his colorful creation.

For as long as we’ve known and loved Cher, Bob has been the mastermind behind all of her alluring costumes. Whether she’s wearing lace and sexy sequins or walking the red carpet in a dazzling gown dripping in diamonds, Cher has, thanks to Bob, been able to express herself through his inspiring creations. And because of that, the “Believe” singer couldn’t be more thankful. “Bob changed my entire life!” the icon once revealed. “Without him, I would have been a peacock without feathers.”

Cher is shown in a full-length photo from backstage at the Academy Awards
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It all changed for the two — who met on set of The Carol Burnett Show — when they were just in their 20s. “In walked this beautiful girl, just five feet and six inches. She was just like a black-haired Audrey Hepburn type,” Bob once gushed to Closer. “I immediately liked her.” Bob also realized that Cher wasn’t going to settle for dressing like everyone else in Hollywood. “She wanted to do new things,” he said of Cher’s style, recalling that the star once said, “‘One day I’m going to have a beaded gown.'” The designer added, “Little did we know that she would have them by the tonnage!”

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